Many of us play video games to turn away on the evening from the party, to relieve tension, or simply to have enjoyable. In Venezuela, but there are people who play a 10-year-old MMORPG in order not to deprive.

Venezuela is in the middle of a huge economic crisis. While the nationwide supply of food and electricity is steadily declining throughout the country, the number of unemployed and the crime rate are increasing. In order to not have to go to bed at the end of the day, many Venezuelans also take instead unusual jobs. Some of them earn their bread rolls as a gold farmer in Runescape - a MMORPG from 2001.

But what is gold producing at all? MMOs usually have a central currency that you can earn by completing quests, killing monsters or investing with other players -- in most cases, the gold is. Gold maqui berry farmers work out this Cheap RS 2007 Gold currency through hours of play and then sell it to other players with regard to real money. The terms and conditions of the respective MMOs prohibit such a barter business, but up to now gold farmers possess almost always found a method to bring their goods to the man. Therefore also with Runescape.

Over 15 years the overall game is already on the electronic hump and in spite of its age nevertheless enjoys a large as well as faithful game. Because of its advanced age, the Fantasy MMO operates on older computers without any problems. An excellent advantage for many Venezuelans. These usually have no money to buy an expensive computer. Another advantage is that gold farmers can work at home. Many Venezuelans are robbed in the roads in the middle of the day.

Month-to-month earnings? About one hundred euros

A good gold farmer earns on average between 200, 000 - 250, 000 Venezuelan Bolivar each month. This corresponds to some salary of about 80 - one hundred euros. This may not really sound like much money, but it is about twice as much as a employee in Venezuela should get on average. In this way, people can feed their family through gold-farming.

The whole thing, however , town is clearly against the Buy Runescape 2007 Gold grain. Many players notice themselves bothered through the gold farmers as well as make no secret about it. A guide on Reddit, who explained how to chase, killing and offending the farmers, received more than 1, 600 upvotes. As Runescape is actually directed towards a more recent target team, some farmers imagine the children simply absence the necessary empathy to comprehend their situation.

Runescape is still very popular in spite of its advanced age. But there are also video games, which despite the promising start quickly disappear in the sinking.