From November first, you can enjoy a ability challenge in Old School RuneScape - November Contender OSRS. In addition , the Dragon Slayer 2 launch date is exposed.

Details for November Contender OSRS

Throughout the duration of November, the Old School team plans to run November Contender - an art challenge, during which you may try your best to be the King from the skill.

1 . There are supposed to be 3 unique game words organized, the number of which will be scaled up depending on the need for this. In addition , there will no restrictions upon these worlds.

2 . In the special worlds, the XP gain will be accelerated (10x), also applying to quest XP.

3. There is a limitation for the time for you to play - no more than 24 hours on your account, which aims to avoid the challenge being just about time playing plus much more about efficiency.

4. The skill problem is forced Ironman mode, avoiding players from using Cheap Runescape Gold alts or forming the team with buddies to accelerate improvement.

5. Each of the 23 skills, including the combat skills will have 1 winner, and generally there also will be 1 winner for total level. That means there will be 24 kings ultimately.

You should come up with your strategy to train the skill during the competition after learning all these details.

Dragon Slayer 2 Released quickly

The Dragon Slayer 2 release date is settled upon January 4, 2018, which grants you plenty of time to complete the requirements. All the players are very stimulated by this news.